Welcome (back) to Trying Technology, relaunched January 3, 2014

Welcome (back) to Trying Technology, my blog about the technologies and products I’m trying, or otherwise pondering and brooding about… and how, cough, trying they can often be. Trying Technology was the first blog I created.

One reason was to get familiar with basic blogging tools (and be able to show it).

Another reason, of course, was to blog. Given that I write for a living, primarily about technology, this blog was/is intended for the stuff I hadn’t found a paid home for. (I also do things occasionally for non-paying places, for various reasons.) Also, for some articles, to expand/expound on paid…and in some cases, to prime the topic pump with the hopes of getting paid assignments on said topics.

Trying Technology round 1 was done using Movable Type, which, at the time, was one of the popular blogging platforms. I also, elsewhere, tried WordPress, both through my Pair.com account and through WordPress.com.

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that life would be simpler using only a single blog engine, and that should be WordPress.

Redoing Trying Technology using WordPress (which is what’s happened here) is the first step — with the goal (achieved!) of being up and running before I head out to this year’s (2014) International CES (or, as I call it, the “Consume Electronics! Show”).

Thanks again to friends and tech support for advice and kibbitzing, including techwranglemester Ernest Lilley, for general and specific advice; and Rich, at the Genius-Bar-like area at WordPress’ booth at the NMX New Media Expo (overlapping with CES in Vegas), for on-the-spot debugging (of stuff that wasn’t my fault), plus answers to several other pressing questions (like “There’s a MORE option in the KitchenSink icon list”). Things done correctly reflect their sage advice; all the errors and bad choices are my fault alone.

Next steps include adding more features, adding back the posts from the previous Movable Type instantiation (by hand, since the migration tools proved, well, trying). Also, tweak/migrate my other blogs to this platform and host — and then wrangle/aggregate them together so them what wants to can see all posts from all blogs from one view. Plus dealing with behind-the-scenes stuff on Dern.com (and also perhaps migrating that, too, to WordPress, or at least my “clips” (samples) list page).

– Daniel Dern