It’s January 2016 — Time To Consume Electronics In Vegas Again!

With New Year’s Day now a few days old, it’s time once again for me (and thousands of my press/media colleagues) to head to Las Vegas for the annual CES (which used to stand for, and continues to be referred to as the Consumer Electronics Show), where thousands of vendors and resellers will hawk new and recent stuff to potential buyers and resellers, and to us press/media types.

Well-meaning friends and business say, “Have a fabulous time.” Those who have been know that simply getting to seeing most of what we want, without losing or breaking anything, constitutes success. Shows like CES, and before it, Comdex and the larger Interops of yore, saturate and gridlock the roads, restaurants, taxi lines and more… and this year’s new security restrictions by CES aren’t likely to make things any easier.

What do I expect to see at CES 2016?

In addition to the usual lot of phones and tablets, and cases for same, ditto cameras and notebooks, it looks like there will be lots of smart homes, including appliances, doorbells, utility add-ons, etc.; “Internet of Things” things; smart cars; wearables;medical/health; and drones, robots, 3D printers.

Plus the usual assortment of unpredictable wacky stuff. Wearables for pets, and who knows what else… even a few fuel cells and other battery/power stuff. And combinations of the above, like wearable drones, nano 3D robot printers, Internet of Wearables, Internet of Cars, and whatnot.

I’ve learned to make time for the Eureka Park area, where start-ups, students, crowdfunded and pre-crowdfunded abound. If possible, I’ll stroll through the high-end audio area, because that stuff is not just way expensive but also visually elegant.

I typically go to CES on my own time and time. Thanks to vendor-dense press/analyst-only evening events like Pepcom and ShowStoppers, it’s a good way to meet/remeet a lot of the companies and see/resee a lot of the products I follow, like mobile storage, mobile and desktop power, wireless stuff. And a chance to look at the large, lovely hi-def beyond-high-def displays.

And USB-C, which I’ve written about and am eager to see.

Ah, there’s the boarding call. Off to, cough, “Consume Electronics!”

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