About Daniel Dern


I’m a free-lance technology and business writer, doing a mix of :

(“Changing hats accounts for the bald spot… and I only wear one hat at a time, since otherwise it’s too hot.”)

My tech/business journalism writing includes features, case histories, reviews and roundups, interviews, etc. Publications (print and web) I write for include ComputerWorld, EHPublishing, IEEE Spectrum, TechTarget, and others.

My PR writing/editing projects include case histories, blog posts, features, press releases, and other web content.

(FYI, I’ve been a tech PR manager as well as having done lots of PR and marketing projects, for lots of vendors and agencies. So I understand that side of the fence, including the point of view for the writing, and the sensitivities of customers (and of the account reps).

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there’s business we can do together!

I cover everything from consumer, professional and SO/HO products and topics through SMB, enterprise, verticals, government, educational and non-profits, for leading technology/business print and online publications, and other outlets.

Areas I follow in particular include “cloud”/Web 2.0, notebooks, smartphones & tablet apps and accessories, storage (including mobile and backup), virtualization, digital signage, UPS/power/cooling/data centers, security, network/IT management, Windows and Linux/Open Source, and telecommuting… plus whatever else I get assigned, of course! (For example, I’ve written about “what museums might want your old computers,” a profile of a neon artist, and science fiction about engineers.)

Here’s links to¬† samples of my work:

  • All (or nearly), most recent on top
  • Sorted by type, e.g. blogs, case histories, features
  • Sorted by topic/technology, e.g. bio-IT, mobile, power

Don’t hesitate to email me if you’ve got any questions.